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Deep Mapping of a thin edge
Video Projection / Sound
28:55 Loop / Sample Clip 05:57, 2023

The first time I stood at the water’s edge I’m sure someone was holding my hand. The sand
moving under my feet while the current rocked me back and forth over the years settled me into who I am today. Beautiful and difficult lessons of love and loss are at this intersection of past, present, consistency, and change. Babies learn to walk, children swim, search for the perfect rock, fires burn late into the night. Laugh, love, and longing. It’s a constantly changing shoreline. This thin edge is home, school, and church.


Everything changes but the lake always remains constant, clear and blue. The wind blows, the water responds with waves big and small - just as it always has, giving hope of everlasting love and connection. So pick up the rock that catches your eye. Toss it back into the water. Find another and put it in your bucket. One is a treasure. The other a lesson. The deep mapping of a thin edge.

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