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Synchronized Revelations

If you are fortunate, you've experienced a revelation: a moment of clarity when vision and ideas intersect and something new is born. Nothing better. I am working on a new video piece and it’s just coming to me in tiny glimmers, and I’m reminded of this day long ago…

I'm talking with my friend in her studio, not about art, but just everyday stuff: kids, jobs, plans. I shift gears and bring up a totally offbeat idea about being artists that we've discussed before. There is a long thoughtful pause from both of us, and then in just six words she responds with true insight about her art and how she sees the world. I respond with six words on my work and how I see the world. Silence. and it sinks in that we both just had truly authentic revelations regarding the work we have been doing all our lives. Nothing had changed and yet in the blink of an eye everything had. The exact right time + exact right person. Synchronized revelations.

So, while I work hard and try to stay focused, I also know true revelations are like unexpected lightening: flashing, jolting, grabbing attention at its own time. All I can do is lay the groundwork, put in the work, and stay open.

So now I imagine new ideas as glimmers and sparks all over. And those with my same drive might find ourselves right in the middle of it all, in good company, at the intersection of patience + creativity. 💫


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