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Blue Corn

One day last week I arrived a bit late to meet with a photo student. Slightly out of breath I said “so sorry I’m late but the corn changed to a color I’ve absolutely never seen before.” There was a slight pause while I guess that sunk in, and as I unlocked my office door he said “that might be the coolest excuse for being late I’ve ever heard.” He picked up his prints and then before he left he added “I’m going to use that excuse someday.” A few minutes later he stopped back by and said “... except I just realized you are the only professor that would ever accept it.” haha. And the truth is he is most likely right.

-For me the core of teaching photography is teaching how to become a more observant person, how to respond to a moment, do the work, and care. But the fact that being late might actually please their teacher is something I plan to keep to myself.


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