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I Am Not Alone
Video/Sound Projection over Photography
10’ x 36’, Loop 40:00 / Sample Clip 03:05,  2016

I've never been alone. Like a bat using sonar I have spent all my days only knowing who and where I am by knowing who and where my brothers and sisters are. And I don't think its a coincidence that as I try to write this on my phone at 6am very unexpected texts are popping up from my two little brothers interrupting my thoughts - just as it used to be, and as it should be. My littlest brother sends a random photo of a yellow lab in a hula skirt and then my other brother responds with something simple but profound. A timely reminder I’m only funny if someone laughs, and my thoughts will go in circles if there isn’t someone to move them to a spiral. And although only in spirit, I know my sisters are with me too because they are very good at throwing coincidences my way to get my attention and point me to what really matters. Woods, water, wind – I can only ride the order and chaos of life because I am not alone.

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