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Archival Inkjet Prints
20' x 20' & 40' X 40'

Hover is a series of deep portraits exploring both the physical and spiritual presence of a person in solitude, and the threshold between the observer and the observed. I photograph people from the back because it is here, in the shadow of the body, that soul and spirit and the subtle connections are revealed. These anonymous portraits reveal in a very strong sense - like looking at the dark side of the moon for its true landscape, true identity.


These images are originally constructed by layering transparent photographic images with materials such as: dirt, leaves, thorns, petals, eggshell, hair, thread, wire, and glass. The collaged elements give the piece both a conceptual and physical presence, for example: threads become roots, hair becomes veins, thorns become scars. Reality and imagination become one. The pieces are then scanned, reworked and then printed life scale, creating for the viewer another sense of "hover". With the selective clarity of deep ice, these images are the membrane that absorbs the coming together of fact, imagination, and memory.

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